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who are we?

Love? Luv? So much to love! We truly do luv us!

We luv us isn’t a vanity statement plate or ego-centric rally cry, it is a celebration of everyone who accepts the call for the collective change we seek. When you change for the better, we all change for the better. We support the highest aspects of universal, self awareness and healing in relation to the human collective experience.  U are a part of US, and WE LUV US.


WE LUV US Integrative Apothecary
We nurture collective change through the Apothecary, a pop-up space for our clients, as well as regenerative health and quantum healing practices.  The physical apothecary located on Caledonia Street in Sausalito, California, is a spiritual launching pad for brilliant clients, artists, and healers responding to the call for healing, self-awareness and change. 


Our clients come from a diverse range of religious and spiritual belief systems, but all are open to healing and living their highest potential through optimal health, restorative cognitive function, and well-being.  They share the intention, commitment, and trust necessary for collective change.  We are committed to uplifting, inspiring, and healing our local and global community through our holistic healing systems and methods.

Kerstin Marie

Kerstin Marie Wheale
Reiki master healer, holistic therapist

“I am a natural born healer and have dedicated my life to the gift of healing, completely, simply, and with great discipline.  I am a Holistic Therapist. I Read the soul and reflect the awareness of the Higher self. I teach others how to attune to their higher self, heal themselves, open the heart and live in the quantum field. I work with compassion in direct light to the truth OF the soul." 

Kerstin Marie is highly psychic dedicated healer and artist.  She lives in service to helping those in need of healing, clarity and support.

To make a very long story more simple, she began healing and channeling at the age of three. After her post-college plans to pursue a PhD in Psychology were derailed, the promise of good community, land, gardens, and fresh powder called Kerstin to the mountains of North Idaho. It was during the process of her own healing from a massive car accident in1992 that she met her teachers and healers, which led Kerstin to fully-embraced her calling to heal others. 


In the past 30 years, Kerstin Marie has learned under the tutelage of master healers from across Tibet, the US, Scotland, and Italy.  Hundreds of modalities and tens of thousands of hours of practice later, Kerstin Marie has developed a large in-person client base in the San Francisco Bay area and a profoundly impactful distance practice around the entire US & greater globe.  KM, as many call her, works with family, friends and community constellations.  Many are drawn to her vibrancy, love, and direct approach.

To set up a consultation with KM, call (415) 375-8010


Nicolas Vallejos
Doctor of Chiropractic, Health Director

"I strive to manifest personal and/or cultural repair by maintaining a connection to nature and nurturing that connection in others as well as establishing healthy relationships in community. To design functional ecosystems that are modeled after nature, conserve resources and increase abundance plus bring attention and awareness to subtle energy systems.  To discover and share tools that empower the planet. To expand awareness of appropriate technology and encourage use of more ecological, health built internal and external environments"

As a functional doctor with over 20 years of experience in optimizing the health of neural, musculoskeletal, and cognitive integration, Dr. Nico operates on the foundation of an individual's understanding of their function and inner dimensions of work. Through a multidisciplinary approach, he strives to balance systems and enhance health through adjunct evolution strategies. This holistic perspective enables Dr. Nico to offer unique insights and tailored solutions to address complex challenges and successfully support individuals and organizations in achieving their health and sustainability goals.

To set up a consultation with Nico, call (415) 375-8010

the we continues

The beginning of lifelong shared love with"We Luv Us", circa 2005

In the spring of 2004, on a foggy Cow Hollow SF day, the Great Lady Fortune allowed Kerstin Marie and Dr. Nico Vallejos to meet in a health food store while shopping for dinner. After many years of collaborative work together – with artists and incredible clients of all kinds, owning various healing spaces on Union Street and having expansive spiritual life experiences together, in 2011 they embarked on the creation of We Luv Us Integrative Apothecary, a sacred healing space located on 108 Caledonia Street in Sausalito, California. 

We Luv Us is a spiritual launching pad for brilliant clients, artists, and healers responding to the call for healing, self-awareness and change. They are happily married lifelong healers who are in service to God, humanity and nature. They love humans, animals, children, nature, and most of all life. They own a small organic farm in Southern Oregon. They watch over two young white labradors, OsoRico and River, who are very calm, cute, and are always present to bring a smile to anyone's heart.

River and OsoRico - 2 year old fully trained universal

healing wonder dogs

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