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We Luv Us's mission is to help you achieve wellness using integrated, scientifically-based, cutting-edge, natural, whole body alternatives to prescription drugs.  We formulate unique and comprehensive treatments for each client utilizing herbal and homeopathic remedies, whole food nutritional supplements, and/or dietary modifications.

We’re trained to listen to what you say and hear what you don’t say to find the missing pieces that have prevented you from getting well. Our goal is to show you how a safer, more natural solution might provide longer lasting and perhaps permanent relief for your health issues.  

Getting Started

We work with patients worldwide.  Whether we sit down with you in person or consult/treat on the phone, we'll begin by discussing your concerns in-depth to get a comprehensive picture of your unique health situation and Intention. We will answer all your questions before designing an effective treatment program just for you.

To begin working with us, please first become a member of our site here.  This is a necessary first step for all clients and for anyone wanting to take courses from KM.

Reiki master healer, holistic therapist
Kerstin Marie (KM)

KM offers holistic quantum healing sessions which consist of Reiki, various energy healing such as Theta, Tsi Dup, depth of insight, universal consciousness, reading, flower essence and teaching. When working with KM no prior healing experience is required. KM also greatly loves to support advanced healers and practitioners with vast spiritual healing experiences and knowledge. During all healing sessions, KM works directly in Divine connection to the client's soul through her psychic awareness and sacred heart. By following the stated intention of the client, KM applies one of the many modalities best suited for the healing, always in presence, with wisdom and sacred heart.

All aspects of spirituality and beliefs are honored during healing sessions and are supported by further translating and integrating multi-dimensional awareness through grounding the reflection of the healing experience in the client's own level of understanding.  Sessions may be supported by vibrational medicine such as flower essences, spiritual readings, referrals and other tools.

KM always advocates for self-healing, self-awareness, and self-compassion. Expanded awareness and cleansing will occur for 21 days after each session.

Functional ecosystems & quantum practitioner

Dr.NIcolas Vallejos, D.C.

Dr. Nico operates on the foundation of an individual's understanding of their function and inner dimensions of work to optimize the health of neural, musculoskeletal, and cognitive integration. Through a multidisciplinary approach, he strives to balance systems and enhance health through adjunct evolution strategies. This holistic perspective enables Dr. Nico to offer unique insights and tailored solutions to address complex challenges and successfully support individuals and organizations in achieving their health and sustainability goals.

Custom Nutrition Plans and Energetic Assessments

We can create simple and precise health care plan for individuals who wish to regain or maintain optimal health and wellness.  Each individual receives a renewed perspective about the importance of making simple changes, blending current lifestyle habits with easy-to-implement objectives designed to address your specific health care concerns. We provide accurate and straightforward information, taking the confusion out of health care and allowing you to
make educated choices based on your unique health care needs. Together, we can help you reach total health.
  • Digestive issues – gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea,  bacterial, parasitic or yeast infections, irritable bowel or colitis

  • Immune support for chronic or acute infections

  • Complete nutritional wellness supplement evaluation – customizing a plan that will work for you​

  • Functional interpretation of conventional labs.

  • Merging of natural and east-west therapies

  •  Fatigue and low energy

  •  Heavy metal and chemical detoxification

  •  Depression, anxiety, mood disorders

  •  Natural medicines for kids

  •  Weight loss

  •  Inflammation, pain and allergies

  •  Blood sugar balancing, hypoglycemia, and diabetes

  •  Cardiovascular conditions and cholesterol support

Getting Started
Nutrition Plans
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