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Choose your pricing plan

  • Custom Nutritional Health -Plan 1

    Every month
    Wellness Plan designed via monthly symptom survey.
    • Simple, remote just click "Stay Healthy Symptom Survey".
    • 20% off products
    • Herbal and Nutritional Support to your doorstep!
  • Lifestyles Q- Includes Plan1&2

    Every month
    Plans 1&2 Plus Stay Healthy Station Blood Test. Full metabolic blood test review
    • Regular Health Support via Clinical Surveys and Blood Review
    • Custom Quarterly Stay Healthy Blood Screening from the Doc
    • Easy, remote and quick via National LabCorp Draw Station
    • Whole food, herbals and or homeopathic supp to your doorstep
  • WeLuvUs AD - Plan 2

    Every month
    Monthly The American Dove Video Forecast
    • Angel Connect Transmissions or Forecast
    • American Dove Love Readings
    • AMA Access
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