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Howl | HAN YUZU & HINOKI WOODS | Raven Candle

Howl | HAN YUZU & HINOKI WOODS | Raven Candle


Emerald woods in a veil of sparkling citrus and sultry florals. Discover the enchanting effervescence of Howl, our han yuzu and hinoki woods-scented candle. 


A luxurious, black coconut apricot wax candle in a matte black glass vessel with a wooden wick and lid.  


Citrus, woods
TOP: yuzu, pear, mandarin
HEART: ylang ylang, plum blossom
BASE: hinoki, apricot wood, patchouli

A Pleasant Thought – Handcrafting and curating self-care goods and gifts. In our own style, in our own way, on our own terms. Sustainable. Clean. Wholesome. Elegant. Liberated.

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