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Moon Bloom | full moon candle

Moon Bloom | full moon candle


Fragrance - Notes of Gardenia, Tuberose, Vanilla, Jasmine, and Fig
Crystal - Apatite | Promotes Peace, Tranquility, Clarity & Reflection

Moon Batch Manifestation candles are poured with intention every full moon. Our candles feature unique, cleansed, charged quartz/minerals and points to amplify energy and are an effective tool for meditation, setting intentions or simply adding high vibrational energy to your home or sacred space.

Vessel - Glass
Size - 3.125 x 3.375 | 10oz of wax
35 hour burn time

Moon Batch Candles are made by hand under the full moon in Bear Lake, California by Ritual Provisions.

Moon Batch candles are wax sealed and each label lists the specific full moon & zodiac sign it was poured under. Each scent combination is carefully curated, then matched with just the right charged + blessed crystal to aid in the manifestation of your dreams and goals!

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