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Oregon Blueberry Thyme Goat Milk Soap

Oregon Blueberry Thyme Goat Milk Soap



One of our favorites! The middle layer has scrubby poppy seeds and the top is decorated with melt and pour soap blueberries. And the smell! The fruitiness of blueberry and the fresh, green scent of thyme. So lovely!


This is a handmade product and will have some variation in size and color from one bar to another.  Each bar is approximately 4.3 ounces.

Small batch, hand made soap by Wild Rye Soapery.  Founders Kara and Julie each bring unique skills to the Wild Rye Soapery product line. With a degree in fine arts, Kara brings the beauty to our designs while Julie provides the chemistry expertise to create our skin-loving formulas. Thank you for supporting our small business!

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