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Packaged Solutions to Get and Stay Healthy.  ​​

By recognizing that the creation of quality products and services require innovative formulations, pure raw materials and clean processing methods. With years of accumulated experience and dedication to provide outstanding resources and solutions for clients.  For this reason, we chose products utilizing only the most natural ingredients and also offer unique remedies that work synergistically to address causative factors in the ever-changing environment.

We create a simple, yet precise, health care plan for individuals who wish to regain or maintain optimal health and wellness. Together every individual receives a renewed perspective about the importance of making simple changes, blending current lifestyle habits with easy-to-implement objectives designed to address your specific health care concerns. We provide sound, accurate and straightforward information taking the confusion out of health care and allowing you to make educated choices based on your unique health care needs. Together we can help you reach total health.


The Opening Channels Program is a unique combination of homeopathic, botanical, and nutritional supplements designed to “set the stage” for healing by opening the pathways of elimination in the body, including the colon, liver, spleen, kidneys, etc.

Set includes:

    ReHydration (2 oz.)
    AminoGest (180 capsules)
    Catalyst-7 (180 capsules)
    Colon Clear & Pure Body
    Flora Synergy (150 capsules)
    SpectraMin (2 oz.)


BEST OF GREENS and More....

Live - Organic - Vegan - Energy
Meal Replacement
Super Antioxidant
Essential Fatty Acid Supplement
Immune Booster
Weight Loss Formula
Sports Performance Product
Energy Drink

by Energetix

Improving Health through Bioenergetic Medicine

Energetix demands uncompromising commitment to health and well-being, forward-thinking and purity produces the finest, most potent BioEnergetic products available.

Energetix believes that purity and potency are necessary, but not the only requirement in creating effective remedies. The final step, that of creating intelligent, synergistically balanced and multi-faceted formulations, is the one that makes Energetix truly unique.

Call us today to place your Order  (415) 375-8010

by Purium Health Products

Purium Health Products is your source for ....          LIVE nutrition
    ORGANIC nutrition
    WHOLE FOOD nutrition

    RAW FOOD nutrition
    GREEN nutrition

Benefit from world-class plant based nutritional products that provide high nutritional density.  Created to provide people access to natural plant based nutrition that could change lives.

Purium products are composed of synergistically combined super foods that have been carefully selected to nourish at the cellular level, activating your metabolism and boosting your immune defense.

PHP provides organic formulas to meet any targeted whole grain nutritional need plus a vast array of educational resources to help you better understand and implement your plan of action.

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