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Health essentials and a healing awareness.


Elite Personal Care and Wellness - Professional Natural Health Products - Plus tonics, teas and elixirs


WeLuvUs is putting in place all the tools you'll need to navigate the journey to better health. By providing personalized guidance, relevant, accurate, health-related information, and clinically-validated programs and tools

Fundamental building blocks are needed to achieving optimal health: diet and nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. Failing to address any one of these will ultimately prevent you from achieving the you - you want to be.

And let's face it, you're the only you in the world.


​Areas of Specialty:

  •  Fatigue and low energy

  •  Heavy Metal and Chemical Detoxification

  •  Depression, anxiety, mood disorders

  •  Natural medicines for kids

  •  Weight loss

  •  Inflammation, pain and allergies

  •  Blood sugar balancing, hypoglycemia and diabetes

  •  Digestive issues: gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, bacterial, parasitic or yeast infections, irritable bowel or colitis

  •  Cardiovascular conditions and cholesterol support

  •  Immune support for chronic or acute infections

  • Development of plans for specific health complaints or general health optimization

  • Merging natural east-west therapies.


We Believe...

   In the body being a miracle.

   In nature providing what we need.
   In energy and color of life.

   In your health being really important to us.

   Anything is possible when we work as a team and celebrate as a community.



Long-term healthy maintenance.

Phase I – Foundational Healing Strategies,
Phase II – Elimination of Causative Factors,
Phase III – Cellular Repair and Healthy Maintenance



-  Guided and Silent


-  Books & Story Telling


​​​A Variety of Options:



WeLuvUs recommendations for acute conditions: infections, colds/flus, bites, traumas, injuries for more rapid healing and recovery.

Customized cleanse and detox programs

Dietary evaluation, recommendations, personalized programs for specific health concerns or weight loss

Complete Nutritional Wellness

Supplement evaluation: Determining and tailoring a plan that will work for you

Functional interpretation of conventional labs.​

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