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     EastWest Health Hydration Initiative
   Healthier Land - Healthier Life 

Our planet is fragile - Climate, biodiversity, food and water together lead to Soil and Health priorities critical in maintaining peace and security - It's our home...


A Regenerative Movement for Healthy Soil and Food Systems

We need to radically change the way we manage
land by starting with soil and water observancy, since 95% of our food comes from the ground.

How can we scale and replicate systems to really have an
impact on climate, human health and livelihoods through biodiversity?

We offer a way for food and farm applications to structure and revitalize irrigation waters to crops or fields for better yields and increase soil hydration.

Or Just Drink!


Helps farmers, farm hobbyist and other establishments improve their productivity.

Less risk, more yields and profitability with less stress in agricultural grow cycle and others being explored with great benefits.  


A re-vitalizing approach to Feed and Heal the Land as climate farmers, plus use with drinking water as a good way to help keep internal body charges regulated.

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Our Response to climate challanges is to Offer Earth-Friendly,  All-Natural Water ReEnergizing Products That Provide for Minimal Up-Front Costs, Easy Installation and Immediate Results

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A few Preliminary 2021 UpTerra Results


Potential Applications:

- Farm & Garden Climate Action Device

- Hose & Facet Water Conditioning


- Pivot Irrigation applications in-line base and hose solutions


- Available from 1"- 12" sizes


- Water Saving by Enhanced Bioavailability


- Biomimicry for Coherent Molecular Water



Free First Class within the 50
United States. Shipping for international orders will be based upon the weight and destination of the order. Prices are in US Dollars. Item will be professionally packed and shipped in plain packaging

Ag&Gardens water Irrigation Structuring and Imprinting hardware technology available to energize your soil and crops.
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