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A Regenerative Allegiance to Water in a Food Systems Enhancement Landscape



The Challenge

From the east to the west cities and farmlands contain important human-modified ecosystems.  By interconnecting land use biodiverstity, circular economy, human and planetary health can be restored. Our soil nutrition is depleting under conventional practices as well as samples of waste and disposability in today's economy are fueling planetary changes and destroying our ecosystems.  This requires a shift from a linear economy that usually arise inequalities and also involve larger consumption and excessive waste.  To reinvision principles in social and circular economies plus collaborate in the transformation.  A circular demand now holds innovative opportunities in combination with regenerative agendas to use tools integrating these economies.  We are facing an environmental crisis and need to integrate instruments and cumulative intelligence for the same purpose of circular bioeconomics and 2030 Agendas to improve quality of life for people and our planet.  

The transformation to restore and regenerate the biodiversity cycle and improve nutrition is upon us. Viewed as a location issue of greenhouse gases; with a macro lens on the subject of needing to sequester more carbon from our atmosphere and into the soil.  Carbon in the air becomes a problem but carbon in the soil is our friend.  Since we have dug it up linearly and broken the cycle.  The capacity of sequestering carbon emissions and bending them back down in a circular motion into the soil to produce photosynthesis is something we must restitch by honoring our land and soil. East West is positioned to accelerate this process.  To start with conditioned and properly energized water that feeds our crops and soil, will have a dramatic effect on our planetary and human health.



The Initiative

To have an opportunity to prosper as plants, people or planet we must develop a measurement of regeneration and abundance to support our circular post industrial future.  An east-west health passion for nature and inclusion of technology supports a movement towards the regenerative future.  With a high volume capacity to amend agricultural irrigation to crops. The one inh device is on purpose to optimize and highly charge water as it comes from a mountain spring to increase soil health and save water by decreasing the surface tension to an increased surface area, making it bioavailable and restorative in nature.

If we act now on loss of nature and threatening pollution that affects the millions of species on this loving planet and bring health to ecosystems by applying age-old disciplines with present technological tools, we can further protect and rebuild nature if we get serious about sustainability.  From grain to soil, we see ecosystems as the web of life comprised of all living organisms and their interactions.  With an East West Health Initiative we can enhance the natural abilities for nature to vitalize and upregulate its healing capabilities, increase its energetic potential, maximize hydration and improve bioavailabilty of amendments via this three step water conditioning process and assist in carbon drawdown. 


Biomimicry technology by UpTerra used is:  Terraflow, TerraScribe, TerraCell applications use for 2020 &

2021 Farms trials.

Structured Water/Frequency Inoculation to Soil

Increased Yields

Increased Revenues

Decreased Costs

Decreased Amendments

No plant dx’s

No Pesticides

Decreased to no Fertilizers

30%~ Less water use

Increase in Tastes

Increase in Shelf Life

Earlier Cropping




This foundational biomimicry technology is design to stimulate the natural processes and movements of water, modifying the molecular structure and its constituent elements to improve retention in the soil and hydration in crops; resulting in a substantial decrease in water usage, soil salinity, mineral build-up and pooling.  Once water is cleared and prepared it has the ability to store a lot of information.  The TerraScribe imprinting technology allows to holographically imprint biometric signatures of amendments and pesticides into the irrigation waters resulting in reduced costs and application rates by 30% or more.  And there by increasing crop quality and yield. 




We strive to manifest personal and/or cultural repair by maintaining a connection to nature and nurturing that connection in others as well as establishing healthy relationships in community. To design functional ecosystems that are modeled after nature, conserve resources and increase abundance plus bring attention and awareness to subtle energy systems in water.  To develop and share tools that empower the planet. To expand awareness of appropriate technology and encourage use of more ecological, healthy built internal and external environments.

How do you want to apply this into your ecosystem playbook?  Contact us today.


East West Health Initiative

UpTerra Authorized Dealer

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