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To achieve what may be your right for you is most important and we know there are many choices in conventional to alternative medicines and; however we’re trained to listen to what you say and hear what you don’t say and find the missing pieces that have prevented you from getting well. Then, we will show you how a safer more natural solution might be longer lasting and perhaps permanent relief for your health issues. Our mission is to work with you in achieving wellness using integrated, scientifically-based, cutting-edge, natural, whole body alternatives to prescription drugs by a comprehensive treatment with correct use of herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, whole food nutritional supplements, and/ or what dietary modifications would work equally or even better for you. 

Getting Started:

We work with patients worldwide via phone consultations or in-office. So,whether we sit down with you in person or consult on the phone, we discuss your concerns in depth and listen closely to get a comprehensive picture of your unique health situation. No matter how you work with us, we'll answer all your questions, those you haven't yet thought to ask, then we'll design an effective treatment program just for you.
Please read our policies and procedures.

Call us today (415) 375-8010 to get started 

Sausalito, California Office.

Options Available:


  • Nutritional Assessments

  • Using Symptom Survey or Functional Lab Testing

After calling our office at (415) 375-8010 to schedule your appointment. We will send you a link to complete and return your new patient information. If you are not able to receive email, we'll send you a hard copy by mail. Once we receive your information, one of our office staff will call to confirm your appointment, answer any additional questions you may have and get you ready for your in-office or phone appointment.

Laboratory testing gives insight into specifics of organ functions and systems, rather than simply noting if disease is present or not, it can help detect a more subtle note and screen prior to disease.  Conventional laboratory test draws by LabCorp Inc. are available at national stations the doctor then offers informative  and thorough interpretation on the laboratory tests plus have recommendations.

Mostly dealing with a full comprehensive metabolic lab panels and CBC w/differential. There are other tests also available such as Vitamin D3 levels,  Adrenal Stress panels, Comprehensive Digestive Analysis, Food Allergy testing, Hormone panels and Heavy Metal testing.  Tests (saliva or stool) are available by Diagnostics figures.

Bi-Annual to quarterly blood screenings are suggested and a good way to manage internal environments.


Personalized programs for specific health concerns, dietary evaluations, customized detox programs, alternatives for acute and chronic conditions, help bridging the gap between conventional diagnosis and natural medicine.

Kerstin Marie Wheale and Dr.Nicolas Vallejos, D.C.

Packages solutions to help you accelerate your health and resolve specific health concerns


  • ​Events and Classes
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DR. Nicolas Vallejos, DC

Preventative, Restorative and Functional Lifestyle Practice


Kerstin Marie Wheale
Holistic Therapist Reiki Master Healer/ Teacher

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